May 20 2019

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Colorado location

Colorado Springs

We have extended our Colorado Springs hours!

We’re the gym in Colorado Springs with the mostest! More space and more amenities means there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a cyclist, a swimmer, a lifter or a baller, we’ve got what you need to crush your fitness goals.


So you like to try before you buy. We get it! Come experience VASA Fitness in Colorado Springs for free.

Class Schedule

What makes a class more than a class? For starters, a HUGE variety – many unique to your location – for every taste and fitness level. Then, a welcoming community to encourage and motivate. Finally, throw in passionate instructors to create the perfect atmosphere and boom! we’ve got a party.

Class Schedule

What makes a class more than a class? For starters, a HUGE variety – many unique to your location – for every taste and fitness level. Then, a welcoming community to encourage and motivate. Finally, throw in passionate instructors to create the perfect atmosphere and boom! we’ve got a party.

Classes in Colorado Springs

Yoga in Colorado Springs

No surprise here that yoga is one of our most popular classes. Focusing the mind and body together, it’s a workout that’s both intense and relaxing. It helps you increase strength and flexibility while reducing stress. Whether you’re a newcomer or a yogi, you’ll sweat while achieving calm and inner peace.

Personal Training in Colorado Springs

Everyone has different fitness goals. We get that. And we’re here for you! Our certified coaches will design personalized workouts to match your goals and your experience level – with no long-term commitment. Enjoy 1-on-1, small group or unlimited TEAM training, each with their own benefits. AND track your effort with a Myzone belt – our gift to you. You won’t find a better value than this.

Get to know our Coaches.

HIIT in Colorado Springs

This new fitness sensation is a HIIT! There’s a reason high-intensity interval training is so popular – it’s one of the best ways to get your heart rate up quickly so you can get maximum results in minimal time. Our certified instructors are passion.

Kidcare in Colorado Springs

Let’s face it, parenting can be a workout in itself. But it shouldn’t prevent you from taking some time for yourself for a real workout. Breathe easy knowing your kid is nearby, in a space dedicated to their fun and fitness. Our qualified staff is committed to safety and promoting healthy lifestyles for your kids.

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Colorado Springs

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