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Options and Prices

The housing options available through John Cabot University Housing are the Gianicolo Residence and the Viale Trastevere Apartments. For Fall and Spring semesters, External Apartments become available only after the Gianicolo Residence and Viale Trastevere Apartments have reached capacity. It should be noted that, although the External Apartments include the same basic amenities and services as the primary housing options, they are managed by a third party contractor and all related cleaning services and maintenance requests are coordinated and overseen by the third party company.

Students should understand that John Cabot University housing is Italian by nature in every way. Our apartments can have varied floor plans, aesthetics and furnishings. Quiet hours are to be respected and are strictly enforced in an effort to maintain a good rapport with the local community.

Wireless Internet, though available free-of-charge in all apartments, is not included as a basic standard amenity since local internet providers can be unreliable. John Cabot University does not accept any liability for problems with internet providers and will not intervene in internet maintenance. For academic research, students should utilize the wireless internet service available on the Guarini and Tiber Campuses.


Located in Rome’s popular Trastevere neighborhood, the Gianicolo Residence consists of over 70 varying apartments, as well as the JCU Housing and Residential Life Office itself. The residence combines the classic architectural features common to the neighborhood with modern amenities and furnishings. This learning and living community is just steps away from the Guarini Campus and a short walk to the Tiber Campus. The apartments can house from two to nine students and each apartment includes a full kitchen, bathroom(s), bedrooms, and common areas. The Gianicolo Residence also offers security guards on duty 24/7, a regular cleaning service, internet connection, and air conditioning / heating. The Gianicolo Residence houses Resident Assistants (RAs) throughout the building for student support. Please note that from the Fall 2015 semester, the Gianicolo Residence is housing many freshman students and it is an entirely alcohol-free residence.


The Viale Trastevere Apartments offer students the opportunity to live in a residential building in a more residential area of the Trastevere neighborhood. The Viale Trastevere Apartments can house around 150 JCU students in addition to having the benefit of integrating students into a building with local Italian neighbors. The apartments offer common areas and large apartments with modern amenities and furnishing. The apartments can house up to 9 students and include a full kitchen, common areas, bathrooms, and balconies. These buildings are located steps from the tram line and they are a 20-25 minute walk from both the Guarini and Tiber Campuses. The Viale Trastevere Apartment buildings also have a 24/7 security guard on duty, a regular cleaning service, internet connection, and heating. All residents are assigned a Resident Assistant (RA) who may also live in their same building or neighborhood.


In the event that both JCU residences reach capacity, the Housing Office will contract external apartments through a third-party provider. These apartments offer the same standard amenities as JCU’s housing options (a full kitchen, bathroom(s), common areas) and can house from 2 to 9 students. While completely modern and furnished, students will realize that no two external apartments are alike, creating a truly charming and unique Roman experience. External apartments also offer a regular cleaning service, internet connection, and heating. Students living in external apartments have assigned RAs, who provide the students with useful tips and support throughout the semester at all these locations.

Students placed in JCU Housing are responsible for reading and abiding by the policies and procedures outlined in JCU Housing Policies and Regulations .

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