Apr 14 2019

Invoice Factoring Companies

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Invoice Factoring Companies, NEF6.COM

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Eagle helps me build my business and pay my crew.

The out-of-pocket costs that come with a construction
business make it hard to keep up sometimes. Luckily,
Eagle Capital provides the funding contractors need to
pay for supplies, equipment, and manpower. We know
you can t get paid until the work gets done.
Eagle can take you there.

Eagle helps us fill new orders and stay in the black.

Manufacturers who are growing their way out of the
recession need a financial partner who can provide the
cash flow they need to meet new demand. For more
than a decade, Eagle Capital has provided low-cost,
no-risk funding to growing businesses. Make sure
you have the cash flow you need to succeed.

Eagle keeps me on the road. Not behind a desk.

Professional carriers know—you make money when you re on the road, not tracking down unpaid invoices and fiddling with paperwork. Eagle Capital pays you for your work the same day we receive your invoice, keeping a steady, reliable cash flow pumping through your business.
Get out there.

Eagle supports my independence—in every way.

For more than a decade, Eagle Capital has kept independent
owner-operators on the road with fair financial help and
cash flow when you need it most. Now, Eagle is also
a gold corporate supporter of the Owner-Operator
Independent Drivers Association, offering special
deals for OOIDA members.

Your Premier Non-Recourse Accounts Receivable Factoring Company

If you own or manage a business, then you understand the importance of constant cash flow to help you stay successful. Without it, everything comes to a grinding halt – and that means big problems.

At Eagle, we become the financial partner necessary for any business to thrive in today’s economy. We help clients focus on the future of their business by providing them with instant cash flow, debt protection and assistance with resolving the daily headache of back office accounting tasks. Our clients spend their time looking for future work with new clients rather than chasing down old customers to pay them for work already completed.

Eagle soars above the rest. Eagle is the only factoring company that offers Top Flight’s true non-recourse accounts receivable funding program. If you sell an invoice to Eagle for work you completed as required by a customer, and the customer DOES NOT pay, we will not hold you responsible. Eagle absorbs the funds on your behalf – leaving you with a clean financial statement.

Funding for Small Businesses

For nearly 20 years, we have helped thousands of businesses in transportation. manufacturing. construction and many other industries maximize their true potential. We provide a very simple, yet effective exchange that works for a range of businesses. Our clients submit an invoice to us and often on the same day, we provide cash. We understand that when you your business is growing, you need capital at the right time. And that’s exactly what we deliver.

Our Factoring Process

As the premier provider among invoice factoring companies, we have developed an easy process to help your business obtain the financial partner it needs. With the added addition of our newest program, Top Flight, we are able to utilize today’s technology to deliver the same world-class customer service Eagle is known for at a speed that was considered impossible just a few years ago.

Our process works like this:

  1. 1. You complete a job or service for your customer
  2. 2. You send the completed invoice to our team at Eagle
  3. 3. You get the cash instantly -often on the same day!

It’s that simple!

We will immediately transfer your cash to your account, minus our reasonable, non-fluctuating service fee. After we collect the funds from your customer, the entire process is finished.

At Eagle we have the solution your business needs to stay ahead of the competition as well as maintain production and expand your operations. We will also provide free business advice and solutions for your unique opportunities.

Let Eagle help your business soar! Call us today at 800-483-7079.

The Bottom Line

You ll always have cash flow to meet payroll, buy equipment and supplies, and fill new orders.

No-risk funding means that we cover your losses if we approve your customer and they don t pay.

No nickel-and-diming. No start-up fees, no monthly maintenance fees, no minimum or maximum credit limits.

Eagle always gives you personal, one-on-one attention. No computerized phone systems. No voicemail.

24-7 access to your reports through your online Eagle account. Keep tabs on your customers and invoices.

Eagle helps you keep a clean financial statement.

No fine print. Ever. Eagle gives it to you straight.

It s your money—Eagle makes sure you get it when you need it, often on the same day we receive your invoice.

Eagle won t lock you in to a time constraint in our contract. If you decide to leave Eagle (and we don t think you will), there s no penalty.

We don t lock you in to time constraints in our contract. If you ever decide to leave Eagle (and we don t think you ll want to), there s no penalty.

No more chasing down unpaid invoices. Eagle does the legwork and handles your collections.

Fast service. Accurate accounting. Tremendous staff. Put another way; Eagle is our most sensational business partner.

— Fredrik H. Trucking

The level of service that you have provided to me and my company far exceeds the benefits of canned beer!

— Dave P. Logistics

We got in a bind and I exhausted my working capital. Eagle helped restore it.

— Mark S. Security

Factoring with Eagle Capital has made it possible for us to maintain our cash flow, keep bills paid on time, and not spend any of our valuable time collecting for freight bills.

— Lori B. Trucking

The reality of waiting 30 to 45 days, or sometimes 60 days to get paid is almost too overwhelming for anybody. EagIe relieves me of that stress.

— Jodie T. Freight Brokerage

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