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Prowess Pest Control, pest control in birmingham al.

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Prowess Pest Control, pest control in birmingham al., NEF2.COM

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The mission of Prowess Pest Control is to increase the standard of living and the quality of life for clients, employees, and the community through safe, dependable pest control service. Pests are more than a nuisance; they can be a serious risk to your home and family. Your safety is our number one priority. Prowess’s progressive solutions provide customers with a pest-free environment and protect against unwanted invaders inside and outside the home.

Pest control in birmingham al

Pest control in birmingham al

Is Pest Control Magic?

NO, IT’S A PROCESS. Prowess Pest Control will begin with an initial treatment designed to rid the home of any existing pest problems. A licensed technician will inspect, identify, and treat all existing infestations in and around your home. Your first regular quarterly service will begin the following month when your licensed technician returns to disrupt the pests’ egg cycle. The key to effective pest control is regular preventive maintenance. After the first two back-to-back services, Prowess will return once per season (every 3 months) to ensure your home remains pest free. A call will be placed 24 hours in advance to notify you of the date and time of your upcoming quarterly appointment.

Pest control in birmingham al

What to Expect

Prowess will warranty the interior and exterior of your home. After the first initial service, it is our goal to only treat the exterior of the home, keeping the pest out. Interior service is always available upon request by the customer or recommendation by the technician. Note the following services provided by Moxie:

  • A complete inspection of interior & exterior premises
  • Sweeping down of spider webs and wasp nests from under eaves, around windows and in the garage
  • Perimeter protection treatment of soil, turf or mulch areas outside against the home
  • Treatment of door thresholds, window casings and under eaves
  • Treatment of all entry points
  • Complete treatment of garage and garbage area*
  • Complete crack and crevice injection, treatment in kitchen, bathrooms, utility rooms, etc*
  • Treatment around & under appliances – dishwashers, refrigerators, washers, and dryers*
  • All services are coupled with the most advanced bait products in the industry

* Pending we have access and consent to treat the inside of the home

Pest control in birmingham al

Organic Nature of Our Products

The Chrysanthemum flower has a natural insecticidal property found in the Oleoresin extract. Prowess Pest Control uses pyrethroids, a synthetically reproduced version of that organic botanical ketoalcholic ester. Pyrethroids serve the same purpose as the natural insecticide but provide a LONGER RESIDUAL EFFECT and are 50 TIMES LESS TOXIC. Pyrethroids can be found in topical head lice treatments, many pest treatments for household pets and are less toxic than ordinary table salt.В

Environmentally Conscious

Prowess is proud to use products that have no odor or visible residue. Our products are effective enough to use in warehouses and manufacturing plants but safe enough to treat schools, day care centers, nursing facilities, veterinary clinics as well as your home.В

Safe and Effective

Your continued safety in conjunction with successful treatment for household pests is Prowess’s number one priority. We use the state-of the-art pyrethroids that control over 50 different pests. These organic products prevent communication to a key neurotransmitter, specific only to insects—posing virtually no harm when used in residential areas.

When The Pests Come Back We Do Too

Both the inside and outside of your home are always under warranty. Prowess’s Pest Protection Program guarantees your satisfaction between regular scheduled maintenance with unlimited free re-services. If at any time you find yourself in need of an additional treatment between regular scheduled services, call us and we will return to re-treat your home absolutely free!

Pest control in birmingham al

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